Japan Crate Mini, Volume 9

For those of you that love Japanese snacks or candy, this subscription delivers them monthly within the US and internationally to select countries. The crate for March included 2 snack items and 3 candy items.

What’s inside:


Yuki No Yado Chips – If you’ve had Japanese rice crackers, these are pretty much like those. Nice mix of sweet and salty. The name of the chips means “snow inn”, and the triangular shape supposedly gives the illusion of a snow topped roof.


Yaokin Roll Candy, Strawberry and Green Apple – These are basically a gummy candy version of Fruit by the Foot. The Green Apple was my favorite.


7 Stick Choco Cream – Loved these wafer sticks filled with chocolate cream.

Monster Stamp Candy (Dagashi Kashi) – Playing with your food is highly encouraged with this! Moisten the image on the piece to use as an actual stamp. When you’re done, you can eat it. The flavor reminds me of those Wonka Bottle Caps. They’re a bit hard, so I had to let it dissolve for a bit before chewing.


I never know what to expect with these boxes, which makes them all the more fun to receive. I received the box for Volume 10 last week, so I’ll be digging into it to review real soon. If you’re interested in trying out Japan Crate, use code MSA5 to receive $5 off your first Original or Premium box (code courtesy of My Subscription Addiction).


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