Case of the Empties/Beauty Shout Out – April 2016

“Sorry I’m late. I’m afraid I got lost on the path of life.”  – Kakashi Hatake

That quote is half true, but yes, life has been preventing me from posting as much as I’d like lately. This will most likely be my only post for the week since I’m headed out of town until the weekend. I do have some future ones brewing, so I’ll try my best to get those out once I’m back.

I’ve combined my empties and current loves for April into one post since I didn’t use up too many products that month.


The Empties


Clear Active Damage Resist Shampoo – I’ve been using the Clear brand for a while, and it does its job well. I believe the shampoo has helped prevent my ends from drying out. It’s been too long since I’ve gotten a trim, and usually around the time my hair reaches the middle of my back, it usually itches because of my ends. Not so much this time. I’ll be getting a new bottle of this soon.

Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths – I’ve gotten packs of these a few times for when I travel. They come in 3 scents, and I use them on areas where I perspire (e.g. back of neck, under arms, etc.). These have come in handy when I’m out in an area with warm weather.

Murad Clarifying Cleanser – This has always worked well on my face for the occasions when I experience a sudden break out, especially when I had a several week period of them late last year. This came as part of their Acne Starter Kit. Will most definitely be getting more of this!

The Loves


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser – This travel sized wonder was part of a birthday gift I received this year for being a Sephora Beauty Insider. Although it doesn’t foam like most cleansers I tend to use, it left my face clean with no residue.

Coastal Scents Classic Angled liner brush – I received this as part of a prize I won for a giveaway. I had long been a non-fan of angled brushes until I started using this. The bristles aren’t too dense, and it applies just the right amount of product. I also read a review on their site that this is also great to use on the brows.

Q-tips Precision Tip cotton swabs – I had seen this on a YouTube video several months ago and figured it couldn’t be any different from using regular cotton swabs. That would be a “yes” and “no”. But those pointed tips at the ends do help with correcting any makeup smudges. I have yet to use them on my nails since I don’t use polish very often. Just don’t use these in your ears!


One thought on “Case of the Empties/Beauty Shout Out – April 2016

  1. stashy May 2, 2016 / 4:28 pm

    I’m glad you like the angle brush! 😀
    And those Q-tips, I need to find those. I’ve only seen the ones where it’s flat / paddle shaped on one end and pointed on the other – I want them BOTH to be pointed!

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