Japan Crate Mini, Volume 10

April’s crate was filled with fun shaped candy and 1 savory item. I kind of wish there was more of a balance in what they include in their boxes, but despite that, everything was good.

What’s inside:


Chip Star Ebikoubashi – I’ve previously tried these chips, which are similar to Pringles, in another flavor. The shrimp flavor was good, yet a bit on the salty side. I still prefer these and these when it comes to shrimp flavored chips.

Fruit Shop Gummy – The shapes reminded me of fruit snacks, but with much better flavor. Very easy to finish in one sitting.


Fue Ramune – This Life Saver looking candy tastes like the popular Ramune soda. Each piece has a small hole in the middle that makes a whistling sound when you blow through it.

Rock, Paper, Scissor Gummy – This cola flavored gummy candy comes with different hand shapes used in the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. I got the “paper” shaped one with an additional star shaped piece.  The taste is similar to the Haribo cola bottles, which I love.


Sakupan Giant Wafer – My favorite of the items from this box. It’s a panda head shaped wafer topped with cream and chocolate for the face. Delish!


*bonus item* Kawauso No Kotsume – The word kawauso means “otter” in Japanese, which is what this squeaky vinyl figure is. The expression it has looks like it’ll be fun to use in certain photo-ops. Might just post one to my IG in the near future.


This post comes on the heels of receiving the Volume 11 Mini crate. I’m really not moving (or in this case eating) through these goodies fast enough! First time subscribers to Japan Crate can receive $5 off of either their first Original or Premium crate using the code MSA5 (code provided courtesy of My Subscription Addiction).

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