Small Hiatus

Just dropping in with a little update. I haven’t been too motivated for posts lately due to a few unplanned circumstances. You know how life can be sometimes! I’ll be heading back to the Bay Area this afternoon after spending time in San Diego for Comic-Con and hanging out for a few extra days after. I’ll be sharing my experience with that soon. Until then hope everyone in the WP blogosphere is doing well.

Reviewed: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

A combination of 100 current and new shades with 6 finishes to choose from, Urban Decay’s Vice lipstick was one of the most anticipated makeup releases for me this year. I’ll be honest, it’s been a long while since I’ve actually used (non-liquid) lipstick since lip glosses and balms are what I regularly reach for. But I really couldn’t resist after skimming all, yes all, of the shades online. I had a bit of a list made before the launch, and immediately jumped on UD’s website once it went live. I purchased 3 shades with 3 different finishes. My order also came with a sampler of their NAKED foundation and face primer.



Already loved the packaging and UD stamped on each bullet I received. Here are the shades that I purchased:

Conspiracy (Metallized) – Plum bronze shimmer

Backtalk (Comfort Matte) – Mauve-nude pink

Ravenswood (Cream) – Dusty rose with red undertone


I actually bought these without checking how the color looked like in person beforehand, which was a bit of a risk. But these colors looked neutral, which is my ideal shade spectrum anyway. I confirmed that I had made a good decision once they were swatched.

Here’s how they look on. Keep in mind my skin tone is medium (M.A.C. NC30 for reference).


All of these finishes were long lasting and didn’t dry out my lips. The Comfort Matte finish really is comfortable. I wasn’t too sure at first with Conspiracy’s metallic finish. I didn’t want to look like something that came straight out of the 90s. That probably would have been more apparent if I had chosen a lighter shade. Ravenswood would be something I’d wear almost everyday. I’ve gone and checked out more shades at Sephora since they have 20 of the 100 that are exclusive to their store. Will I be purchasing more of these? I most definitely will. At $17 a piece (just a few bucks less than the $21 they were once listed for), I’ll have myself a little Vice collection in no time. Have you tried these yet? Feel free to share your thoughts on them.

Japan Crate Mini, Volume 12

Volume 12 had a nice variety of sweet and savory items and 1 candy item.

What’s inside:


Choco Shinamikonja Imashita – The name means “to be soaked in chocolate”. These wafer-like, pillow shaped crackers were very chocolaty. I love anything chocolate, so I finished this first.


Corn Potage Puffs – Based off of a popular sweet corn soup in Japan, these puffs taste just like it, except crispy. I’m not always fond of sweet corn, but I’ll admit these were good.


Nagai Sour Gummy – This long gummy rope was orange flavored. As for being sour, I didn’t really notice it. Regardless of that, it was still darn tasty.


Super Heart Chiple – Heart shaped chips? Adorable! These were a yakiniku (meaning “grilled meat”) barbecue flavor. It tasted just like what you’d have at a Japanese bbq restaurant, except without having to cook it yourself or reek of smoke after eating.


Tonkotsu Sauce Umaibo – I’ve received this puff stick snack in a previous crate, so I knew I’d like this. It really did taste just like the sauce that’s served with tonkotsu, which is a deep fried pork chop commonly served in Japanese cuisine. Yum.


Once again everything in this box was great. It actually didn’t take as long for me to go through everything since all the items tasted good. Have any Japanese snack recommendations while I wait on the next Japan Crate? Feel free to let me know.