My SDCC 2016 Experience – Part 1

It’s been a about a week since I’ve been back from my trip to San Diego for Comic-Con. Although I had fun this year, I didn’t get to do as much compared to last year despite having a few things planned ahead of time. One downside of this year was my lodging situation. I had to relocate 3 times from a friend’s timeshare, to a hotel with other friends, to another friend’s condo, and then finally to another friend’s home outside of downtown. It was exhausting! Therefore, I didn’t have all the energy to check everything off my list. Still, I tried to make the best out of my 5 days at the convention.

San Diego International Airport is decked out in Conan.


Day 0  – Wednesday/Preview Night

My little buddies and I are ready for SDCC!

This is what made it a 5 day convention for me instead of the common 4 that most attendees have,  that is if they’re lucky enough to get all days. Preview Night gives some attendees the chance to see exclusive merchandise and walk the convention floor before it opens to the public the next day. For me, this was my opportunity to get most if not all of my shopping done early. I also attended my first event for the week, which was the only event I actually paid for. I had never done that in the 8 years that I’ve attended SDCC. Goes to show there’s still a first time for everything with this convention. I didn’t leave empty handed either. There were passed around appetizers and I got tickets for 2 free drinks, which I happily used. Plus they gave out a bag full of free stuff and raffled off several giveaways. Didn’t win any from the latter, but it was still a fun way to kick off Comic-Con.

Day 1 

In addition to Preview Night, this was the only other day during the convention in which I arrived early to line up. For anyone interested in exclusives from popular booths such as Hasbro, Bandai, and Funko (new for a ticketing system this year), this was the place to be. It was also line central for raffles for LEGO giveaways and autograph signings, both which differed depending on the day of the convention. As soon as I got my ticket to come back for Hasbro, some of my friends and I headed towards Spreckels Theatre to pick up our tickets for Conan. Yep, I saw another taping this year! This one had the stars from the WB shows Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash. Additional guests included Nick Kroll from The League, and a performance by Weird Al Yankovich. Pretty entertaining, I must say. All attendees received a Conan Funko Pop! figure after the show. I ended up trading the one I got (Ghostbusters) with a friend for theirs from the next day’s taping (Stormtrooper).

After the taping finished, some of the group headed back to the Convention Center to drop off stuff and walk the floor again. Myself and 3 others checked out the MTV Fandom Awards event at Petco Park. This was my 3rd year attending, and it’s always been fun. Plus they offer free food and drink to attendees, so what’s not to like? The live performances this year included Kent Jones, Pierce the Veil, and Krewella. Sadly, I was only able to see Kent Jones. I would have loved to stay for Krewella, but time was of the essence and my group and I (especially me) had to get moving. The Sheraton SD and Marina was my place for the night. The room was a bit snug for 5 people, but it had a nice view and the shuttle line from there to the Convention Center only had 3 stops. Sweet.


Day 2

Off to another early start, but mainly to get a better look at new additions for the convention. I walked over to the Marriot Marquis to check out the extension of the hotel and also locate where to pick up my pre-order from Mattel. Since there was no line when I arrived, I went ahead and got my stuff, took the shuttle back to the hotel to drop them off, and then headed back to the CC. Made a few pick ups for more pre-orders to later drop off,  and made purchases for a few friends. I even got a photo-op with Snoopy at the Peanuts booth, which I haven’t done in several years. It’s hard to resist a beagle hug!

Speaking of friends, I saw a bunch of them that day. Met up with a few for lunch and then at the Petco Park Interactive Zone. One of them happened to see the Game of Thrones panel in the afternoon and gave me an extra fulfillment room ticket. Yay for free stuff! Before heading to the Hyatt to redeem it, we made a stopover at Marriott Marquis. This was THE place to see familiar faces. Every few minutes, I’d hear someone call me as they were walking by. This was also where I found out about the Con Suite, which was basically a room at the hotel where convention attendees could go to unwind. They also serve snacks and beverages there. How have I not heard about this before?! I made sure to make a mental note of this for next year. After spending a good hour or so in between both hotels, our group of 3 finally made our way back towards the Convention Center to meet with more people and take the shuttle back to my friend’s condo. I still had to back track to the Sheraton to pick up my other purchases and my luggage before calling it a day. The remainder of my Friday night was a blur and by far the most tiring out of my Con weekend. So glad I didn’t have to move again until after SDCC was over.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

3 thoughts on “My SDCC 2016 Experience – Part 1

  1. stashy August 3, 2016 / 4:33 pm

    That’s cool you got to attend a preview event and got some goodies.
    Sounds exhausting but it’s neat that you met up with friends too – I think that’s the appeal of these annual conventions, year after year seeing the same people and catching up.
    Do you attend purely for personal reasons or is it partly work?

    Liked by 1 person

    • RCubed August 3, 2016 / 4:42 pm

      It’s definitely become partially work because of how early I have to get there in the morning for certain exclusives. Some of the more popular booths have started pre-sales online this year. I just had to make sure I picked up my orders during the convention. That shaved off some time for me. I’d love to focus more on the events again next year. I’m sad I didn’t have as much fun compared to previous years.

      Liked by 1 person

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