An Evening with Alton Brown

This past Wednesday, I picked up a copy of Alton Brown’s cookbook Everyday Cook. This is his 4th cookbook, and his latest in 10 years. I’ve been a fan of his ever since I watched an episode of his show Good Eats on Food Network. Thanks to Netflix, I’ve been able to marathon the series (Sometimes falling asleep to it. Not his fault, I’m just tired after my 8 hour shifts!). He had 2 Bay Area appearances in San Jose and Menlo Park. I attended the latter since it didn’t fall during my work hours. It was nice to get to know a little more about him before the audience got their books signed.

Here are some random facts I learned:

  • One of his favorite recipes from the book is the Midnight Mug Cake for 2 (Although he’s never shared it).
  • All the book’s photos, with the exception of one at the beginning, were all taken on an iPhone.
  • A favorite food he enjoys that he cannot make himself is sushi.
  • His favorite part of a chicken is the drumsticks/thighs.
  • He tends to say “Oh, bother.” Someone in the audience asked where he got that from. His answer? Winnie the Pooh.
  • Although he watched his mother and grandmother cook growing up, he finally got around to it from reading magazines (most likely ones about cooking or food, I forgot what he said).


There was a good number of attendees, including kids. When it was finally my turn to get my book signed, I told Mr. Brown I was glad to hear he was a fan of sushi and drumsticks (I too love them both). “I wouldn’t eat drumstick sushi though”, he said. 😛 He’s funny and awesome, just like he is on TV.


After his book tour, he’ll kick off his live show Eat Your Science. I’m hoping to check it out when  it comes to SF next year. It’s still a but surreal to me that this opportunity actually happened, but it did. I look forward to trying out some new recipes!



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