Colourpop Mini Haul

It’s finally beginning to cool down here in the Bay Area. We even got our first day of rain in a while the other day. Bring on the sweater weather! I also got a few lip products from Colourpop that I felt would make a nice transition to the season.


Here’s what I purchased:

Lippie Stix in Lumiere (Dusty mauve pink with matte finish)

Ultra Glossy Lip in Master Plan (Mid-tone dusty plum with creme finish)

Ultra Satin Lip in Barracuda (Warm deepened rose)

Check out the swatches!

Top to bottom: Lumiere, Master Plan, Barracuda

I’m glad Lumiere turned out as nice as I thought it would. I think the Lippie Stix would feel more comfortable on me compared to their Ultra Mattes, some of which I own. Master Plan surprisingly was more on the purplish side, but applied much sheerer on my lips. It’s moisturizing too, a definite plus for any gloss. I’ll try out Barracuda soon. I felt that this shade looked similar to another one that I own, Frick N’ Frack. But the following swatches show there’s a difference between the two.

Top to bottom: Barracuda, Frick N’ Frack

I’ve had some hit or miss moments with this brand because sometimes the colors aren’t always the same when comparing website photos to real life view. I also check Instagram posts of their swatches against different skin tones before I confirm my decision. What are some beauty products for Fall that have caught your attention?



9 thoughts on “Colourpop Mini Haul

    • RCubed October 16, 2016 / 7:49 pm

      It’s darker than other shades I’ve purchased, but I think it’ll look nice when I wear it.

      Liked by 1 person

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