Lime Crime Haul

Due to recent accumulation of product, I wanted to have my hauling tendencies chill out a bit before writing about this brand. Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deer, who has a thing for colorful wardrobes and unicorns. The brand is also certified vegan and cruelty-free.

The first product I tried was their Matte Velvetines liquid lipstick in Teddy Bear. It’s one of the darkest lip colors I have, and I love it! The formula of the Velvetines doesn’t dry my lips out (I apply a very thin layer of lip balm and blot before putting them on, which helps a ton). A few months later, they released their Girls Girls Girls collection, which featured 5 nude shades. This was sold both as a set and separately. I bought 3 shades as a result.

One of their Velve-tins gift sets was part of my Black Friday purchases this year. I chose the blue one, which has 2 matte and 1 metallic shade.

I was pretty content with what I’ve received so far, until they decided to release a free exclusive shade with any purchase. You probably already know where this is going, so yes, I bought 1 more thing. This time it was one of their Unicorn lipsticks in Hoodie (Tea rose).

All of these have been thrown into my current rotation of lip products. If you’re not familiar with this brand and are interested in giving it a try, you can get $5 off your first purchase of $30 or more by clicking here. You can also find some of Lime Crime’s products at select Urban Outfitters stores and other online retailers.


3 thoughts on “Lime Crime Haul

  1. stashy December 11, 2016 / 8:01 pm

    I know brand is controversial, but these products look great! I especially like the bottom shade of the swatches of the 3 nude shades of the Matte Velvetines.

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    • RCubed December 11, 2016 / 8:21 pm

      You’re the second person who’s mentioned the controversy. I had to finally read about it since I don’t know that many who use their products. It makes me sad.


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