Gogobot is now Trip.com

A while back, I had posted about my experience with and being a member of Gogobot. Late last year, they’ve changed their name to Trip.com. They’ve continued with making their motto for travel planning “Less Work. More Fun’. So what exactly is Trip.com about? It’s both a website and mobile app that allows users to share their travel experiences via postcards (uploaded photos) and reviews. New updates to both platforms include real time notifications for things to do at your destination, and map-based searches when looking up accommodations for an upcoming trip. I’ve included some screen shots to give you an idea of how it works.


Notifications with suggestions can be sent to you via the app when you arrive in a new city.


View hotels both by list and map views with prices indicated. 


Trying to find a place to grab a bite? The app can help you with that.


If you find something you enjoy on your adventure, don’t forget to upload a postcard so other users can see where you’ve been.


The need to travel isn’t completely necessary to check out the site and app. I’ve often used it to locate the nearest place to get lunch if I wanted to try out something new. If I wanted to know what events were happening near me on the weekend, I can find out about them there as well. You can even get the chance to meet other travelers when you sign up to be a Trip.com member. It’s optional, there’s no cost at all to join, and you can be alerted of events happening near your area through community ambassadors via email. I don’t consider myself an expert traveler by any means, but it’s always nice to get information about places I’d love to visit from others who’ve been there.

If jet setting is on your list for this year, I’d say to give Trip.com a try.


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