Weekend Delivery from Freckled Fawn

Freckled Fawn does it again with free shipping on any purchase off their site, so I had to jump on it. Got my items today, and I’ll be using most of this for my January PL pages. Since tomorrow starts a new month (already?!), I’ll be overlapping my project time with these 2 months. I’ll also be expecting the next kit from my Studio Calico sub to arrive soon. Only one thing left to do before I get started, and that’s print more photos!

In this haul: Cork banner, wood chip emoticons and letters, and small arrow paper clip sampler.
In this haul: Cork banner, wood chip emoticons and letters, small arrow paper clip sampler, and teal star/heart dot zipper pouch.


What I’ve Been Up To With Project Life

Putting together my PL pages has been pretty sporadic, but when I get around to it, I highlight a few events that have occurred every month. This gives me some time to take a good amount of photos before I print them out (thanks Costco for the ridiculously cheap price per print), and also contemplate on how I want to do my layout. I’ve again come to a slow point in productivity so that I can take more pictures. So far it’s been fun using different elements from my Midnight Core Kit, Simple Stories Sn@p pack, and the kits I’ve ordered from Freckled Fawn and Studio Calico. I can literally spend hours looking through them to find the right embellishments or journal card to use. There really is no limit to what you can do with this!

Freckled Fawn, FTW

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Had family over last night and got to catch up with my cousins and see how much my nieces and nephews have grown. While putting out some mini Nutella cheesecakes I baked, I thought the plain tiered display could use some jazzing up. That’s when I remembered my Freckled Fawn December embellishment kit. I got the gold sequined bow, threaded a gold twist tie through the back of it, and attached it to the top. Perfect! Such a random, but cool way to use FF kits for something other than paper crafting.


My First Freckled Fawn Haul

I’ve been perusing a few scrapbook kit sites for anything cool to add to my Smash Book and Project Life album, but wasn’t interested in a subscription. I signed on to a few email lists so that I could check out any sneak peeks or upcoming releases in case I happened to come across anything I’d be interested in buying. I decided to take the plunge when I received an email from one of the sites, Freckled Fawn. They had a deal for free shipping on your entire order when you purchase their Very Merry embellishment kit. Everything in it looks awesome! Plus I can use whatever is left over for other projects too, not necessarily winter related. I have a few holiday events coming up, so this will be great to use with the photos I take for them and the cards from my Project Life Seasons kit. I also ordered a sample pack of their arrow paper clips. This haul has me pretty excited for my Winter projects, although I still need to finish up on Fall first! Needless to say, this most likely will not be the only time I purchase something from Freckled Fawn. The ordering process was easy, and everything was shipped within a good amount of time. Consider me a happy camper!


Gold foil stickers, a small sequined bow, and the star designed pouch that contained all the kit goodness.


Epoxy stickers, metal paper clips, chip board cut outs, glitter snowflakes, and tiny silver star stickers.


Rolls of washi tape, wood number embellishments, cork shapes, resin presents, and the arrow paperclip sampler.