Beauty Shout Out – August 2016

Unfortunately nowhere near close to empty territory with any of the products I’ve been using, but here’s a few faves.


Infusium 23 Repair + Renew Leave-In Treatment – I had used this a few years ago and eventually came back to it since other leave-ins that I’ve tried have been discontinued. The large bottle will last me a while since it can refill the spray bottle I use it in up to 4-5 times. And it costs under $10, so that I consider a steal.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash – I had received a sample of this back when I tried out their Seaweed Skincare line last year. Finally got around to it a few months ago and immediately loved how my skin felt. It was squeaky clean, but not tight feeling. This combined with Lush’s Grease Lightning has helped my face stay pretty clear. I bought the bottle during my trip to San Diego last month, which was totally convenient because I (of course) forgot to bring face wash with me.

Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray – OK, this last product has nothing at all to do with beauty. But the beauty of this is that it helps lessen the odors that come along with going #2 in the bathroom. From someone who’s tried a few types of toilet deodorizers (which are dropped onto the water’s surface before proceeding with your biz), this by far is the most effective and best smelling. In fact, it comes in a variety of scents and can be found at Target, Ulta, and Bed Bath and Beyond stores. Their website has the whole lineup, along with gift sets and apparel. They take their sh*t seriously, folks!

Hopefully next month will bring about more beloved products and finally an empty or two. Thanks for reading!