Kira Kira Crate, Volume 3

The 3rd crate for this subscription will be the last one for me. I’ve accumulated so much product between this and past beauty subscriptions that I can take a break from them for a good while. For those unfamiliar with this crate, it is the latest to be added to Japan Crate’s lineup of subscription boxes. Every month, between 6-8 products are delivered to your door directly from Japan. Sometimes there’s a few Korean beauty items thrown in as well. A booklet with information about the products and how to use them is also included. The price for this subscription is $29/month before shipping and taxes.




What’s inside:

Avance Tweety Eyeliner – As cheesy as it seems to have a cartoon character on a makeup product, this looks pretty legit. I’m not the best with handling pen liners, but the felt/brush tip on this one might make this one easy to use.

Biyou Shoukan Towel Set – They look like wipes, but instead they’re cloths meant for drying your face after washing it. I like that there’s a good amount in the package (20 sheets), so I plan to take this with me on an upcoming trip.

Dear Laura Lip Gloss – This reminded me of a Caboodles lip gloss that I used to own years ago, except the packaging of the tube was different and it was Strawberry flavored. This one is flavorless, fragrance free, and leaves a slight pink tint. I dig the cute bunny on it.

Hot Gel Face Mask – The initial question to myself when I looked at this was, “Why on earth would I want hot gel on my face?”. It’s actually a warming mask that can be used on the face or upper body, preferably while taking a bath. I tried this while in the shower and felt the warming effect immediately, which was tolerable and not anywhere near hot (thank goodness). My face cooled down when I massaged it before rinsing the mask off, and it felt wonderfully smooth afterward.

Mebika Hair Care – This packet contains a shampoo and conditioning mask. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell one from the other since it has Japanese written on it. I’ll eventually find out once I decide to use it.

Pure Smile Red Wine face mask – Another face mask to add to my growing collection. I’m intrigued by this one, but I’m probably going to be disappointed in that it doesn’t contain any actual wine. Could you imagine how relaxed you would be if it really did have it? OK, maybe not that much. Why not take it up a notch and actually have a glass while you wear it? I like that idea.

Teapod Hand Cream – In addition to face masks, I’ve also managed to gather up a small arsenal of hand cream. I should be using them since my hands have been getting drier than usual due to the cold weather. This was offered in either Earl Grey, Lemon, or Rose scents. I received the rose one which smells like the real deal. I’m curious about the Earl Grey since I love the tea itself. Maybe I’ll snag it if I ever come across it.

The variety in this box was nice compared to the first 2 boxes I received for this sub. I’m sad that I’ll have to discontinue it, but I feel it’s good for the price, especially if it includes free shipping from another country. Do you subscribe to this box? Let me know what you think of it. More info about the Kira Kira Crate subscription can be found here.

Kira Kira Crate, Volume 2

If Japanese beauty products are your thing, you may want to check out this latest addition to the Japan Crate line of subscriptions. Each month, subscribers will receive between 6-8 items shipped directly from Japan. Although this is mainly a Japanese beauty subscription, there will sometimes be a few Korean beauty items included as well. Following them on their Instagram account or Facebook page will give you a heads up on what items will be featured in upcoming crates. With that said, let’s check out what came in December’s crate.


What’s inside:

Ashirira Sheet, Lavender – I’ve often come across this item when I shop at Daiso/Ichiban Kan. The concept of these patches is to help rid your body of toxins. Sounds a bit too good to be true, yeh? Had I remembered that these in particular were formulated to help relieve foot pain, I would have brought them with me to Vegas last week. My tired feet would have loved them!

Dear Laura 9 Colors Lip and Cheek Palette – Upon first glance, I already had the feeling that these colors would be used solely on the lips because I don’t use blush very often. That, and the product itself looked like it could be cream based. Upon swatching the colors, the texture is more like a balm, so these would definitely be used solely on my lips. They’re also pretty sheer, which is nice.

Ichigo Milk Flavor Bath – If it was ever a dream to draw up a bath that looked like the color of strawberry milk, then this is the item for you! I don’t see myself reaching for this any time soon since my schedule only allows to much time to unwind at the end of the day.

Ichigo Milk Flavor Soap – This was more up my alley. You can never have too much bar soap (at least that’s what I think). A cute strawberry is embossed on it, and the initial scent is pretty concentrated. Thankfully it turned out to be much lighter when it was used.

Morning Surprise Monroe Peach Hand Cream – I was very entertained by the packaging of this item. Although it says Monroe (as in an ode to Marilyn Monroe, I assume), the character looks more like Madonna during her Like a Virgin phase, which I cannot unsee! As for the cream itself, it has a legit, albeit very light, peach scent.

Pure Smile Green Tea Essence Mask – Besides chocolate, I love practically anything with green tea. I will have to save using this mask for a later time since there are several that I currently have that should be used before it. Note to self for this year: up the sheet mask game. Seriously.

Pure Smile YOGRIP Rose & Honey Face Pack – Yogurt…for my face? OK, I suppose I’ll give it a try. This is actually a gel based moisturizer with a nice light rose scent. The size of the product looks like it can last at least a month.


Each box comes with a booklet with more information about the products and how to use them, since the instructions are written in either Japanese or Korean. The price of this subscription is $29/month before shipping and taxes. Japan Crate has planned to relocate its headquarters from the Bay Area to Japan, so I’m expecting even more awesome products from them this year. Not only that, they’ve also informed that shipping is now free worldwide to select countries. If you’re interested in trying this or any of their other crates, now’s the time. Check out what they’re offering on their website.


Kira Kira Crate, Volume 1

A new Japanese beauty box has joined the lineup of subscriptions from Japan Crate. The Kira Kira Crate brings a variety of popular beauty products directly from Japan to your door every month.  The subscription is $29/month with free shipping worldwide.

What’s inside:


Choosy Lip Pack: Peach – I’ve seen a few social media posts about these. They feel like jelly when taken out of the packet and are said to make lips smoother and fuller after use. I can already picture how silly I’m going to look with an enormous lip shaped mask on my mouth.

Family Honey Soap – This contains honey essence and Royal Jelly extract to help soften skin. The size of this looks like something I can take with me when I travel, but I’ll probably just end up using it as a hand soap.

Hotto Mie Eye Mask – A popular Japanese beauty item, this mask heats up when exposed to air to relax the eye area. It also contains lutein, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides. Sounds like an eye spa treatment that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. It’s been getting colder lately, so I’ll most likely be using one of these real soon.

Naive Peach Face Wash – This was the product I was most excited to try (and is the only one I’ve tried since receiving the box). I’ve come across this several times when visiting Asian stores/supermarkets. I was hoping to actually smell peaches with this since that’s how it was described. It does smell good though, but not like that. I’ve used it in the shower and it works into a nice lather and leaves my skin soft.

Nonkuma x Hello Kitty Eye Patch – When I saw this as a spoiler item for the box, it pretty much reeled me in. This also uses heat to help promote circulation to lessen puffiness and dark circles while also moisturizing the skin. Featuring Hello Kitty using them on the back of the packaging is just too cute.

Puresmile Cherry Blossom Essence Mask  – This sheet mask will nourish and make skin more supple with cherry blossom extract, Vitamin E, collagen, arbutrin, and hyaluronic acid. I confess, I’ve been falling behind on using the sheet masks that I currently own, so hopefully I won’t wait too long before getting around to this.

Super Exta Eyelashes – I received these in SE-02 Sweet & Natural. My eyelash applying game is not very strong, but I wouldn’t mind improving it by practicing with these.

Yuzu Bath Tablets – I’m hoping these tabs will fizz when you toss them in water just like the bath bombs a la Lush. Plus I like citrus scented bath products. I’ll be saving these for a day when I’m in dire need to unwind and actually have time to chill out in the tub.

I like the products that I received in this box and will see what next month has to offer. However, I don’t see myself staying with this sub for very long since I’m once again trying to cut down on the beauty hauls. I will say that this is worth checking out if you’re a fan of Japanese beauty. There may possibly be an integration of Korean beauty products into this crate in the future as well.

Right now for a limited time, use the code HELLOKIRA to receive a Hello Kitty bag bonus with any new subscription. The type of bag(s) received varies depending on the subscription type chosen. If you’re also a fan of Anime, use the code WINTER to receive $10 off of all subscriptions on the Japan Crate site and receive a free Anime crate with any multi-month subscription. Not too bad of a deal, but I’m not sure if both codes can be used together.  (Codes courtesy of My Subscription Addiction)