Japan Crate Mini, Volume 21

Just slightly behind with what I’ve received in my Japan Crate Minis (whoops). March’s theme was Spring Picnic. I received 4 sweet items and 1 savory one.


What’s inside:

Bon O Bon: Ccreamy Cream – This was a milk chocolate covered bon bon with a wafer layer and creamy peanut butter filling inside. Pretty good!

Country Ma’am Chocolate Chip Cookies – As a self-proclaimed cookie monster, this pretty much made the whole box for me. 20 mini cookies in both vanilla and chocolate flavors. The back of the packaging is in Japanese, but it basically explains that the cookies can also be warmed in the microwave. Still have to try them that way.

Diamond Ring Pop – Nothing too spectacular here. It’s the Japanese version of a Ring Pop. Looks exactly the same too. I received the grape flavored one.


Melon Pandaro – This cute panda shaped cookie has a subtle flavor of melon. I kind of wished there were more than just 1 in the pack.

Umakamon Mayonnaise – Not everyone likes mayo. I don’t mind it, and I can definitely tell the difference between the US and Japanese version. These puffs bring on the umami from this popular condiment, making them too easy to finish.

The mini crate is 1 of 3 subscriptions available. Check out Japan Crate’s website for more information. If you choose to subscribe, you can get $5 off either your first Original or Premium box by using code MSA5 (code courtesy of My Subscription Addiction)

Japan Crate Mini, Volume 20

February’s Japan Crate theme was Comfort Food.  I received 2 savory and 3 sweet items which are known to be either popular or exclusive in Japan.




What’s inside:

Cheetos BBQ – Man, do I love me some Cheetos. I was excited to get this Japan exclusive flavor. As for it tasting like BBQ? Let’s just say this isn’t anything like how we interpret it in the US. The flavor was sweet/savory, and I also got a hint of ginger in it. It’s good, but I wished they were coated more with the seasoning like the regular cheesy and hot Cheetos.

Fue Fue Ramune Grape – I believe I received something similar to this in a past box. This life saver looking candy can be placed between your lips and emits a whistling sound when you blow through them. The small box with the package contained a small toy (there was a top inside).

Garibori Spicy Garlic Ramen – Have you ever eaten instant ramen straight out of its package? I honestly never gave it a second thought. The crunch and spicy kick that this had was surprising. Good stuff! It can also be cooked in hot water, but I figured it wouldn’t taste as good.

Mashuro – I often get skeptical when I see marshmallows that are different from their plain, white predecessors. My initial thought is that they wouldn’t taste anything like them. Thankfully this one did, the result being that it was the first item from the box that I finished.

Puku Puku Tai Strawberry – I have received the chocolate version of this in a past box. Why I haven’t gone out of my way to look for these tasty cream filled fish shaped wafers is beyond me.


The mini crate is 1 of 3 subscriptions available. Check out Japan Crate’s website for more information. If you choose to subscribe, you can get $5 off either your first Original or Premium box by using code MSA5 (code courtesy of My Subscription Addiction).

Japan Crate Mini, Volume 19

The theme for January’s mini crate was Indulgence. The items in the crate were curated to make you “feel like royalty”. OK, that’s stretching it a tad, but I will say they were all pretty good.




What’s inside:

 Double Ice Cream Lollipop, Chocolate & Vanilla – Ever had a Chupa Chups lollipop? This reminded me of it. They suggested putting it in the fridge prior to eating it to have an experience similar to having actual ice cream, but I was too lazy. Anyway, it was fine as is.

Fruit Donuts – This made me laugh. It basically looks like the Haribo gummy rings that I see almost everywhere. I thought this would be apple flavored, but it turned out to be lemon-lime.

Kajiriccho Grape & Soda Soft Candy – This chewy candy stick was grape flavored on the outside with soda flavor in the middle. I have yet to have a grape flavored candy that I didn’t like.

Umaibou Chocolate – The maker of those puffy snack sticks from previous boxes I’ve received also has sweet ones. This corn snack is covered in chocolate. Too bad it was smaller than the other sticks I’ve had. I finished this way too quickly.

Umai Ring Mentai Flavor – This product is also from the same company that makes the Umaibou sticks. Mentai is marinated fish roe, said to be popular in Japan. The resulting flavor is pretty unique, but I’d describe it close to the masago that often tops sushi rolls, if that helps at all.


The mini crate is 1 of 3 subscriptions available. Check out Japan Crate’s website for more information. If you choose to subscribe, you can get $5 off either your first Original or Premium box by using code MSA5 (code courtesy of My Subscription Addiction).

Japan Crate Mini, Volume 18

December’s mini crate came with 4 sweet items and 1 savory item.


What’s inside:

Animal Lesson Choco – This is like a version of my favorite Hello Panda chocolate filled biscuits. Instead of panda faces, there are different animals printed on them. These tasted OK, but it’s pretty hard to top HP.

Harvest Biscuit Matcha Flavor – Oh man, I loved these! There are 8 individual packets, each containing 4 crispy biscuits. The flavor is slightly sweet, and the matcha is subtle. I’m going to try and make these last until the end of the month.

Sakuranbo No Uta – This spherical hard candy has a creamy cherry flavor. Think of cherry pie a la mode or topped with whipped cream.

Umai Wa Vegetable Salad Flavor – This snack comes from the same makers of those Umaibo sticks that have been featured in past crates. It’s supposed to be reminiscent of a garden salad, but I think it’s not entirely possible to do so in chip form. Either way, this still tasted pretty good.

Yakimo Yokan – I first heard about this sweet potato gelatin dessert from an anime I once watched. Apparently it comes in different forms and colors. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this, but after the first bite, I was surprised. The texture is denser than actual gelatin. And it does taste like roasted sweet potato. I may have to seek out more like this the next time I find myself at an Asian grocery store.


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Japan Crate Mini, Volume 17

The theme for this crate was Japan Throwbacks. I received 3 snack items and 2 candy items in this one, and some of the brands I had tried in past crates.



What’s inside:

Brazilian Orange Pocky – This was release during promotion of the Rio Olympics earlier this year. I enjoyed the orange white chocolate flavor, and surprisingly haven’t finished the box yet. Some things are worth savoring!

Chew-Ing Straw, Green Apple – These sour straws reminded me of when I would purchase Sour Power during elementary school. These were not as sour, but the flavor was spot on.

Saku Saku Panda Cookie Pack – I believe this is the 3rd time I’ve gotten these awesome chocolate topped cookies, but there’s definitely no complaints from me about it. I just wish there were more of them.

Sportsubu – This chewy candy contains electrolytes to help replenish active bodies. Think of it as chewable Gatorade. These have a lemon-lime flavor. I should have brought them with me during my marathon a few weeks ago.

Umai Sugar Rusk – Rusk is a twice baked baguette that was often served with tea or coffee in Europe prior to its arrival in Japan. This version was made with corn puffs. It’s crunchy, sweet, buttery, and pretty darn addicting.

The Mini subscription contains 5 different types of snacks and candy, but if you’re looking for more, you might want to check out their Original or Premium subscriptions. Visit their site and use code MSA5 to receive $5 off your first one for either sub (code courtesy of My Subscription Addiction).

Japan Crate Mini, Volume 16

Last months’ Halloween themed crate featured some awesome treats (4 sweet items, 1 savory item, and 1 novelty item). Check it out.



What’s inside:

Lovely Halloween Pocky – I received 1 of 3 possible flavors between Strawberry, Apple Pumpkin, and Milk. Happy to have gotten the second one. As for the flavor, it tasted more like white chocolate and not either of the 2 that it was supposed to be. I had hoped to get at least a bit of apple. Oh well, it was still good. I have yet to try a Pocky flavor I didn’t like.

Nama Creme Pie – With a name like that, one would assume it would be some type of pie, right? Nope, not with this. However, these mini palmier cookies do interpret the buttery, flaky goodness of pie crust. But that’s about for the actual “pie” concept. I love palmiers, so these could have easily been finished first. I still have a few left and plan to savor them.


Nyusankin Ikitemasu! Yogurt Candy – These hard candies really did taste like yogurt. They also contain probiotics to help your tummy digest the rest of the tasty snacks in this crate. 😛

Potato Chips, Shio flavor – The chips with the not-so-unique name are back! Shio is Japanese for salt, and these lightly salted chips were immediately consumed.

Surprise! Horror Gum! – The package contained a sheet of slightly gory temporary tattoos and banana flavored gum. The gum wasn’t bad. The tattoos have yet to be used.


This was nice to grub on during Halloween day/night since I actually didn’t give away any candy to trick-or-treaters this year. Nothing bad at all from this crate. Stay tuned to see what November brings!

Japan Crate Mini, Volume 15

I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve done a JPM review (it’s actually only been over a month). Last month’s crate had 3 sweet items, 1 savory item, and a bonus item to celebrate Japan Crate’s 2 year anniversary.



What’s inside:

Kagikko Choco – The key shaped packaging containing M&M type chocolate candy was made to resemble the house keys that children with working parents in Japan had.

Lucky Corn Puffs – It still shocks me to say that I’ve finally come across a Japan Crate item that was less than spectacular. The flavor of these puffs is reminiscent of corn potage, a popular sweet corn soup. That part was good, but after eating a few of these, it left a not so pleasant after taste. Looking at the ingredients, it contained a sweetener similar to Sweet N Low (which contains saccharin). Noticing this type of taste is kind of like a 6th sense, so unfortunately I didn’t end up finishing the bag.

Potato Chips – Black Pepper – This may not win the award for most original product name, but I did enjoy the flavor of these chips. It’s pretty hard to mess up a potato chip with a flavor as simple as salt and pepper. Unless it’s overdone, which this thankfully wasn’t.


Soda Gum – As with previous crates I’ve reviewed, soda or cider flavored items are pretty common to receive. The package contained a 6 inch rope of gum, and the flavor lasted a good while.

*Anniversary bonus* Pote Usa Loppy Squeaker – This large eared bunny is one of several characters produced by Amuse, a popular maker of Japanese arcade prizes. It makes a squeaking noise when you squeeze it. If I had a dog at home, they’d most likely go nuts for this.



Interested in trying out Japan Crate? Use code MSA5 for $5 off your first Original or Premium box (code courtesy of My Subscription Addiction).