Sanrio Small Gift Crate – Friendship

The second crate for Sanrio’s collaboration with Loot Crate is Friendship. Sanrio was founded with the purpose of social communication. They wanted their brand to connect people, nurture friendships, and bring happiness to the world. This makes complete sense since their products constantly bring smiles to those that have them, and also when they share them with others. I received 7 items in this crate. All of them are exclusive to this subscription and are absolutely adorable.



What’s inside:

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Mamepuchi Plush Set – These two make the cutest couple. And those outfits! I’m not an avid collector of these Tsum Tsum-like toys, but I’ll consider them an exception.

Hello Kitty & Mimmy Letter Set – The one thing I loved bringing back from any trip to the Sanrio store was stationary. This set comes with a writing pad, die cut pad, stickers, and envelopes. It’s everything you need to get your snail mail on.

Little Twin Stars Infinity Scarf – A great thing about this subscription is that it includes wearable items. Even better when they come in my favorite color (yes, I love black). The material of the scarf is lightweight, and the foiled design adds a nice touch.

Little Twin Stars Stackable Mugs – I have a small mug collection at home, and these will be an awesome addition to it. Although there aren’t any warnings written on the box on how to use them, I’ll play it safe and only hand wash them and not use them in the microwave.

My Melody Charm and Friendship Trinket – This exclusive charm can be attached to the Hello Kitty key chain from the first crate or used by itself. Each crate shipped included a small tape dispenser (colors and characters varied). Funny thing is I also received the same one a while back from a friend.

Patty & Jimmy Enamel Pin Set – According to their bio on Sanrio’s website, Patty & Jimmy are from Kansas city. Patty is the athletic one and loves playing sports, while Jimmy is more of the nerdy type and enjoys studying, chess, and playing board games. This 3 inch pin set is the largest I own (I also like collecting pins).

This subscription costs $39.99 USD (includes shipping) before tax, includes merchandise worth $75, and crates are shipped within the US and also internationally to select countries 4 times per year. Subscribers can choose from 3 different subscription plans. For more information on those options and to learn more about the Small Gift crate, visit Loot Crate’s site.

Sanrio Small Gift Crate by Loot Crate

If you’re a fan of the super cute world of Sanrio, then you may/may not have heard that they now have a collaboration with Loot Crate for a quarterly box subscription. Those that subscribe will receive a box containing $75 worth of Sanrio merchandise. The first of these crates was shipped this month, and I was very excited to receive it.

Kawaii overload!!!


What’s inside:

Hello Kitty bag charm – The iconic kitty herself holds a huge red bow in this charm that you can attach to anything you want.

Hello Kitty sparkle figure – This was one of the teaser items shown on social media to promote this crate. Her outfit is a metallic blue and silver glitter adds an extra dazzle to this exclusive collectible.

Hello Sanrio notebook – Inside of this notebook is an adorable sticker sheet featuring various Sanrio characters. The pages themselves are almost too cute to write in. Almost. I also like how there’s a stretch band on the side of it to keep everything together.

Hello Sanrio Friends pen – This deserves a “yay” because it’s a black ink ballpoint pen (my favorite), and hopefully it doesn’t smudge on my hand when I use it. A good amount of Sanrio’s pens come with charms attached to them. The 3 character one with this is an added bonus.

Hello Sanrio scented erasers – Man, I used to lurve the scented erasers I’d buy from my local store and bring them to school. My favorites always smelled like bubble gum, but these are strawberry scented. I felt pretty nostalgic when I saw these.

Hello Sanrio Pouch – Yet another item in this box with a 3 character charm. No complaints here though, especially since it has my favorite character Badtz Maru on it! I don’t have  a main purpose for this bag, so for now it holds the small items I received in the crate.

Hello Sanrio Pocket Tee – If you’ve subscribed to any Loot Crate, they’ve always been known to include shirts in most if not all of their boxes. I’m glad they’ve decided to add apparel as well to this one. I really wish I could carry these cuties in my pocket. Not weird at all, right?

Gudetama extra – Anyone remember having some type of trinket taped to your Sanrio bag whenever you made a purchase? I loved the different ones I would get. I liked this even more because I’ve gotten a bit attached to this lazy egg character over the summer. This is just another addition to the small collection of items I have of it.

The price for this crate is $39.99 USD (includes shipping) before tax, and crates are sent within the US and also internationally to select countries 4 times per year. There hasn’t been any word of the first crate selling out, so you might be able to get a hold of it if you like what you’ve seen in this post. There are 3 subscription plans to choose from for this crate. You can get information on them and find out more about the Small Gift Crate on Loot Crate’s site.

March Loot Crate – Covert


This month’s crate is one of my favorites considering I’ve only been subscribed to the service for only 4 months. March’s theme is “Covert”, and the box came packed with awesome stuff that would be essential to any man or woman of mystery.

  • Exclusive Bond: This is Stirred t-shirt by Loot Crate Labs – I’m not much of a martini drinker, but I feel his pain! This shirt is sad and cute at the same time. Looking forward to wearing it.
  • Exclusive Field Agent Blink Time Wrist Watch by 50 Fifty Gifts – Press the face to get the time, which shows up for only a few seconds and then disappears. Looks like it was made for your eyes only.
  • Spy Mad Libs by Penguin Books – This version of the popular fill-in-the-blank book is a great time killer for any secret agent and their buddies. Probably best used in a “sound-proof” area to prevent eavesdropping.
  • Exclusive Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. replica lanyard by EFX Collectibles – Make anyone who’s a fan of the show do a double take when they see you wearing this. Who knows? You might run into Agent Coulson.
  • Exclusive Paracord Survival Bracelet from Loot Crate Labs – Made from military-grade parachute cord, this bracelet may come in handy when you get into a bind. Regardless of how it’s used, it’ll give you a chance to channel your inner McGuyver.
  • Exclusive Orphan Black comic book by IDW Comics – An exclusive cover variant for Loot Crate graces the first ever issue of the comic book based on the popular Canadian sci-fi series. Yay for more awesome reading material!
  • Exclusive Special Agent Dossier Notebook 2-pack by Field Notes – Apparently Field Notes is pretty popular in terms of their notebooks. I’ll have to carry one of them around and stump my friends whilst letting hilarity ensue.

So many exclusive items in this box! My favorite ones from all of them combined are the shirts. Any more, and I might have enough outfits to pull together for SDCC this summer. I just might stick around with this subscription a little longer depending on what they plan to release for the next month.

February Loot Crate – Play

This month’s crate was based on how the action of playing keeps the imagination primed, helps us feel younger, and inspires creativity.


Here’s what I received:

  • Kidrobot DIY Mini Munny vinyl figure – I’m already a fan of this brand, so it was cool to get this. It comes with 3 markers which you can use to customize the figure. My art skills aren’t the greatest, so I’m not sure if I’ll actually use this. I could possibly pass it along to one of my more creative friends if need be.
  • Ready Player One paperback by Ernest Cline – I can always use some new reading material. A friend had told me they read this a few times and highly recommended it. Looking forward to cracking this one open!
  • SUPERFIGHT Card Game – Players create their own versions of super heroes, then put them against each other to see who’s the most powerful. This exclusive deck contains cards made especially for Loot Crate.
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors Dice Game – Because using your hands is so last year. Instead, roll out these dice and settle things once and for all. Another exclusive item for this month’s crate.
  • Hexbug – I’m not the biggest fan of bugs, but was amused when I received their blue ant. These little guys are said to glow in the dark. I’ll test it out soon.
  • Waka-Waka Poster – This was made as a tribute to Pac-Man, one of the most popular arcade games out there.
  • Firefly Online Premium Ship Online Code – Made available only to Loot Crate subscribers, this code gives the user access to a  special transport ship for Firefly’s online game. Sweet.

The box the items came in converts to a board game called Crate Packing Simulator 2015. The object of the game is to be the first person among up to 4 players to put together a complete Loot Crate. These crates just continue to get more interesting with each month. Already saw the sneak peek for March and it looks pretty awesome (Hello, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!).

January Loot Crate – Rewind

I had to reactivate my subscription almost immediately after cancelling it once I found out what would be featured in this month’s box.


Here’s what was inside:

  • Retro Arcade Skinny Tie by Black Tie Geek – It’s Space Invaders on a freakin’ tie! Others may just take it for a funky design. If only they knew…
  • Voltron Blueprint T-Shirt by Flophouse – I’m pretty sure I’ve watched almost all of the episodes of the cartoon, and I’ve played with my cousin’s Voltron toy on several occasions. They’d be jealous if they saw this shirt, fo sho.
  • 8-Bit Sunglasses by Loot Crate Lab – This one joins the all black pair I purchased a few years ago. Sweet!
  • Star Wars Comic Book Issue 001 by Marvel – Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited to know I’d be getting this. I’ve been following this franchise ever since I was a wee Padawan.
  • 1 Point : 21 Jiggawattz 10-Doh! Figure from Squid Kids Ink – The 10-Doh! series features 3 inch figures that resemble old school NES games. This one even came equipped with its own Zapper Gun!
  • Comic Notebook by Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild – Ever wanted to create your own comic book? This mini version with 60 blank pages and special stencils makes it possible.

All Loot Crates also come with a special themed pin. I’ve only received 2 boxes so far, but I just might keep my sub for another month or so just to see what exciting things will be in the next one.

Anniversary Loot Crate

For anyone who’s into pop/geek culture, this would be the box to get! They have different subscription types (1 month, 3 months, and 6 months). The last box for the year had the theme of “anniversary”, which paid homage to different ones that took place this year. Items in this month’s box included those from Tetris and Ghostbusters (30th anniversary) and The Simpsons (25th anniversary).

Here’s the complete list of contents for the Anniversary box:

  • Captain America air freshener by PlastiColor
  • Dancing Groot crew socks by NYP Hosiery
  • Tetris sticker set by Paladone
  • Ghostbusters door hanger by Quantum Mechanix
  • Simpsons cast mighty wallet by DynoMighty
  • The Joker Batman-Batman Pop! vinyl figure by Funko
  • An exclusive Batman Issue 36 comic book by DC Comics
  • Voucher for free 30 day trial from Crunchyroll

The box even folds into a diorama to display the Batman Pop! figure. This is the first box I’ve ordered from Loot Crate, and I just might get their January box too depending on what they plan to put in it.