April Loot Crate – Fantasy

Oh, Loot Crate. You never cease to amaze. I was very happy to see some popular fantasy franchises are featured in this month’s crate.


  • Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt by Wizards of the Coast/Loot Crate Labs – Any RPG geek would love to own this officially licensed shirt. That logo shows you mean business and it will definitely earn you style points, regardless of whether you suck at the game or not.
  • Exclusive Game of Thrones USB Flash Drive from Custom USB – “Is that a Direwolf head stuck to your computer?” “Why yes, yes it is.” The House of Stark mascot holds up to 4GB of memory.
  • Game of Thrones Magnet Set from Dark Horse – Which House reigns supreme on your fridge? The choice is yours with these magnets. (I’d pick Targaryen though.)
  • Harry Potter Luggage Tag by BIOWORLD – Geeky jet setters would have a pretty good idea of where you’re off to (or where you wish you could be off to) when they see this attached to your bag. Just beware of Muggles.
  • Inflatable Crown by Loot Crate Labs – Burger King has nothing on this crown! It’s much more comfortable, and great for adding a touch of royalty on any occasion.
  • Exclusive RPG Bow Tie by Spotted & Tied – Dapper and geeky rolled into one, bow tie that is.
  • The Princess Bride Playing Cards by Albino Dragon – It’s been ages since I’ve owned a deck of cards. This will surely be one to talk about. Fancy a game of Poker? As you wish…

These crates really have been getting better get every month, but I’m sad to say that I’ve gone ahead and cancelled my subscription with Loot Crate for the time being. I’m looking to explore another box subscription and am currently weighing out some possible options. I’ll be sure to post an update once I’ve made a decision.

January Loot Crate – Rewind

I had to reactivate my subscription almost immediately after cancelling it once I found out what would be featured in this month’s box.


Here’s what was inside:

  • Retro Arcade Skinny Tie by Black Tie Geek – It’s Space Invaders on a freakin’ tie! Others may just take it for a funky design. If only they knew…
  • Voltron Blueprint T-Shirt by Flophouse – I’m pretty sure I’ve watched almost all of the episodes of the cartoon, and I’ve played with my cousin’s Voltron toy on several occasions. They’d be jealous if they saw this shirt, fo sho.
  • 8-Bit Sunglasses by Loot Crate Lab – This one joins the all black pair I purchased a few years ago. Sweet!
  • Star Wars Comic Book Issue 001 by Marvel – Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited to know I’d be getting this. I’ve been following this franchise ever since I was a wee Padawan.
  • 1 Point : 21 Jiggawattz 10-Doh! Figure from Squid Kids Ink – The 10-Doh! series features 3 inch figures that resemble old school NES games. This one even came equipped with its own Zapper Gun!
  • Comic Notebook by Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild – Ever wanted to create your own comic book? This mini version with 60 blank pages and special stencils makes it possible.

All Loot Crates also come with a special themed pin. I’ve only received 2 boxes so far, but I just might keep my sub for another month or so just to see what exciting things will be in the next one.

Anniversary Loot Crate

For anyone who’s into pop/geek culture, this would be the box to get! They have different subscription types (1 month, 3 months, and 6 months). The last box for the year had the theme of “anniversary”, which paid homage to different ones that took place this year. Items in this month’s box included those from Tetris and Ghostbusters (30th anniversary) and The Simpsons (25th anniversary).

Here’s the complete list of contents for the Anniversary box:

  • Captain America air freshener by PlastiColor
  • Dancing Groot crew socks by NYP Hosiery
  • Tetris sticker set by Paladone
  • Ghostbusters door hanger by Quantum Mechanix
  • Simpsons cast mighty wallet by DynoMighty
  • The Joker Batman-Batman Pop! vinyl figure by Funko
  • An exclusive Batman Issue 36 comic book by DC Comics
  • Voucher for free 30 day trial from Crunchyroll

The box even folds into a diorama to display the Batman Pop! figure. This is the first box I’ve ordered from Loot Crate, and I just might get their January box too depending on what they plan to put in it.