SF Restaurant Week 2016

I had recently been chosen once again as a Gogobot Pro for this year (5th year and counting!), and had the honor of being part of their first Pro event, which included dinner for SF Restaurant Week. Funny thing about it is, we actually bypassed the actual set menu and ordered from the regular one. But I digress, it was delish. The dinner took place at Gaspar Brasserie in downtown. Very exciting for me since it was my first full on experience with French cuisine

The evening started off with a few cocktails since our reservation overlapped with their happy hour. A handful of us chose their Pimm’s No. 3 Cup, which was a mix of Pimm’s #1 liqueur, brandy, lemon, ginger, cucumber, mint, and seltzer.


We were soon seated not long after placing our drink orders. Once we were settled, we got a few small plates to share before our main courses arrived. Yes it’s a French restaurant, but if they have pomme frites (aka fries), we’ll take them!


Despite others being hesitant to try them, one of the group and I enjoyed their escargot. These were prepared with parsley garlic butter, pancetta, shallots, carrot, and topped with brioche croutons.


My favorite out of the apps was the Roasted Bone Marrow. I usually wouldn’t touch the stuff, but topped with parsley-anchovy breadcrumbs, carmelised onions, and capers, the flavors in this were amazing.


For the main course, I chose their Citrus & Saffron Poached Salmon. It was served atop a bed of butter lettuce, with baby beets, pickled red onion, and crumbled egg yolk.



I’m not sure where I heard about French food having “small portions”, but this was not at all a small meal! Most of us were on the verge of full, if not already there. But for some, myself included, there was still room left for dessert! My order of their Petite Tart Tatin was garnished with streusel and malted honey ice cream, and was a great way to cap off an evening of fine dining.


Overall, I loved the restaurant’s ambiance, their use of organic ingredients (e.g. micro greens and lots of beets), and of course the food. Not to mention the company of people I see a few times during the year, if not often. I think it’s safe to say that my food adventures for 2016 are off to an incredibly good start. I look forward to featuring more of my pheNOMenal finds in the near future.

To find out more about Gogobot, a mobile city and travel guide app, feel free to check out their page here.