RIP David Bowie

The┬ámusic of Mr. Bowie aka David Robert Jones has been weaved in throughout my years growing up. Whenever I’d see a music video or behind the scenes show about him, basically whenever I watched VH-1, I wouldn’t change the channel. I’ll admit that I haven’t watched┬áLabyrinth from beginning to end, but I’ll surely add that to my to-do list. Hopefully it’s on Netflix. His first hit “Space Oddity” was made when he was only 22. His rise to popularity in the US came about in the mid 70’s with “Fame”.

I’m still in a state of shock after seeing multiple social media posts by friends and followed accounts about his passing last night. No one really knew about his suffering other than the ones closest to him. Still, he was a legendary artist and performer. Any of the younger generation that has any knowledge about this man ought to know and appreciate this. I saw the following video this morning and got a bit emotional. It was filmed in space by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, and is Bowie’s favorite tribute.


“The stars look very different today.”