Sanrio Small Gift Crate by Loot Crate

If you’re a fan of the super cute world of Sanrio, then you may/may not have heard that they now have a collaboration with Loot Crate for a quarterly box subscription. Those that subscribe will receive a box containing $75 worth of Sanrio merchandise. The first of these crates was shipped this month, and I was very excited to receive it.

Kawaii overload!!!


What’s inside:

Hello Kitty bag charm – The iconic kitty herself holds a huge red bow in this charm that you can attach to anything you want.

Hello Kitty sparkle figure – This was one of the teaser items shown on social media to promote this crate. Her outfit is a metallic blue and silver glitter adds an extra dazzle to this exclusive collectible.

Hello Sanrio notebook – Inside of this notebook is an adorable sticker sheet featuring various Sanrio characters. The pages themselves are almost too cute to write in. Almost. I also like how there’s a stretch band on the side of it to keep everything together.

Hello Sanrio Friends pen – This deserves a “yay” because it’s a black ink ballpoint pen (my favorite), and hopefully it doesn’t smudge on my hand when I use it. A good amount of Sanrio’s pens come with charms attached to them. The 3 character one with this is an added bonus.

Hello Sanrio scented erasers – Man, I used to lurve the scented erasers I’d buy from my local store and bring them to school. My favorites always smelled like bubble gum, but these are strawberry scented. I felt pretty nostalgic when I saw these.

Hello Sanrio Pouch – Yet another item in this box with a 3 character charm. No complaints here though, especially since it has my favorite character Badtz Maru on it! I don’t have  a main purpose for this bag, so for now it holds the small items I received in the crate.

Hello Sanrio Pocket Tee – If you’ve subscribed to any Loot Crate, they’ve always been known to include shirts in most if not all of their boxes. I’m glad they’ve decided to add apparel as well to this one. I really wish I could carry these cuties in my pocket. Not weird at all, right?

Gudetama extra – Anyone remember having some type of trinket taped to your Sanrio bag whenever you made a purchase? I loved the different ones I would get. I liked this even more because I’ve gotten a bit attached to this lazy egg character over the summer. This is just another addition to the small collection of items I have of it.

The price for this crate is $39.99 USD (includes shipping) before tax, and crates are sent within the US and also internationally to select countries 4 times per year. There hasn’t been any word of the first crate selling out, so you might be able to get a hold of it if you like what you’ve seen in this post. There are 3 subscription plans to choose from for this crate. You can get information on them and find out more about the Small Gift Crate on Loot Crate’s site.

Japan Crate Mini, Volume 15

I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve done a JPM review (it’s actually only been over a month). Last month’s crate had 3 sweet items, 1 savory item, and a bonus item to celebrate Japan Crate’s 2 year anniversary.



What’s inside:

Kagikko Choco – The key shaped packaging containing M&M type chocolate candy was made to resemble the house keys that children with working parents in Japan had.

Lucky Corn Puffs – It still shocks me to say that I’ve finally come across a Japan Crate item that was less than spectacular. The flavor of these puffs is reminiscent of corn potage, a popular sweet corn soup. That part was good, but after eating a few of these, it left a not so pleasant after taste. Looking at the ingredients, it contained a sweetener similar to Sweet N Low (which contains saccharin). Noticing this type of taste is kind of like a 6th sense, so unfortunately I didn’t end up finishing the bag.

Potato Chips – Black Pepper – This may not win the award for most original product name, but I did enjoy the flavor of these chips. It’s pretty hard to mess up a potato chip with a flavor as simple as salt and pepper. Unless it’s overdone, which this thankfully wasn’t.


Soda Gum – As with previous crates I’ve reviewed, soda or cider flavored items are pretty common to receive. The package contained a 6 inch rope of gum, and the flavor lasted a good while.

*Anniversary bonus* Pote Usa Loppy Squeaker – This large eared bunny is one of several characters produced by Amuse, a popular maker of Japanese arcade prizes. It makes a squeaking noise when you squeeze it. If I had a dog at home, they’d most likely go nuts for this.



Interested in trying out Japan Crate? Use code MSA5 for $5 off your first Original or Premium box (code courtesy of My Subscription Addiction).

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty – Cantina

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Like Star Wars swag? How about having exclusive merchandise from the franchise delivered to your door? Never fear, Smuggler’s Bounty is here! If you’re not familiar with this subscription, here’s the 411:

  • Subscription box in collaboration with Funko, shipped every 2 months.
  • Each box contains exclusive Star Wars merchandise, including 2 Pop! figures.
  • Ships within the US and internationally.

Cantina was the theme for March’s box, which is the 3rd for the subscription since its launch late last year.

What’s inside:


Red Snaggletooth Pop! figure – There were 2 colors available for this figure, the other being a blue chase variant included in 1 of every 5 boxes shipped.

Ben Kenobi Pop! figure – Very nice to see this one included in the box. I had wondered if they would eventually make one of him.

Greedo patch – The patches from this subscription are very detailed. I’ve been keeping the ones I’ve received aside since I’m not sure what to do with them just yet.

Nalan Cheel pin – The theme of this box would be pointless if it didn’t include something, anything, of at least one of the members of the Cantina band (BKA Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes). They can play that theme song on repeat; it’ll never get old.

Chewbacca Pop! pen – It’s Chewpacca. On a pen. Doesn’t really get any better (or cuter) than that. I would have liked it even more if he were flocked. But still a great item nonetheless.

Han Solo Wanted tee – This was 1 of 4 featured designs for the shirt. I can say that I lucked out with this one. Do I love it? Heck yes, and I’m sure he knows.

This subscription has yet to disappoint. Stay tuned for my thoughts on their May box, Bounty Hunters. Check out their website to see items from past boxes and subscribe. You can also find my reviews from their past boxes via the World of Geek Stuff  in the links below.

Box 1 – The First Order

Box 2 – The Resistance