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Fell upon this tag on stashmatters‘ blog and decided do it as well. However, my collection will never be up to par with theirs (check out the post about it here). This actually was a bit of a challenge for me to complete since this is the one colored beauty product I have the least of.

My small blush collection. :P
My small blush collection. 😛

1. What color blush suits you most? Anything with a cool undertone works well on me.

2. Pressed, cream, or loose blush? I’ve tried them all, but pressed will always be my first choice.

3. Favorite shimmery blush? NARS Orgasm

4. Favorite matte blush? Ulta’s Tender

5. Favorite cream blush? I haven’t started using this type since a few weeks ago, but it’s a tie between Doll 10’s Flirt that I received with my most recent ipsy bag, and Julep’s Skip the Brush blush stick in Golden Guava.

6. Favorite drugstore blush? I actually haven’t purchased blush from a drugstore, so no answer for this question.

7. Favorite high end blush? Same answer as question 2.

8. Biggest blush disappointment? The Model Co blush I received from ipsy several months ago was a crumbly mess. I had put it back together using the alcohol method, but it still tends to separate. The color is great, but the quality of the product, not so much.

9. Best blush packaging? Out of the ones I own, I like Hikari.

10. What’s on your blush wishlist? NARS Deep Throat. I was told that it’s a less shimmery version of Orgasm.

11. Holy grail blush? Again, same answer as question 2. I use this one the most out of my collection, obviously.

12. Favorite brand for blush? NARS 😀

Here are swatches of the remaining blushes I own: